Amazon Prime Advert - 2015
Daily Mail DP Feature - 2014
Barcroft Media - 2014
Acer & D love on location for The BBC Digital Radio Promo - 2013
Riverside Shopping Centre - Hemel Hampstead - 2013
Home House - Myths & Legends Summer Party - 2012
  Unicorn 'Summer Rain' & Flower Fairy 'Acer' join in the fun at The Home House 'Myths & Legends Summer Party'
Absolutely brilliant night arranged by Beau Productions
Home House - New Year's Eve 2010 'Toy Box Party'
Dublin & Rain attend The Home House New Year's Eve Celebration at Portman Square, London, where hairdressers Kieron & Ross transformed them into 'my little ponies' Sweetie Belle and Rainbow.
  The Elm Park Regeneration Project
Eve, the miniature horses were a triump. Can you please pass on our thanks to Moe and Irene - they and their horses delighted Elm Park like never before. Their mini tour around Elm Park was fantastic - I never for one moment thought they could do this (health and safety etc. for the horses) but I am so glad they did. The mark of true professionals! Ingrid Brandon, Elm Park Regeneration Project
 Riverside Shopping Centre - Hemel Hampstead
  Katie Price Children's Equestrian Wear Launch
Celebrity Four Weddings
 Gary Cockerill, Katie Price and Phil Turner